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You’ve wandered into the residence of one old country boy’s musings and takes on random topics. Wordsmithing aside, I can’t be much more precise than that. With retirement looming, my best friend and wife of nearly 40 years asked — perhaps uneasily — what I would do when I crossed that finish line?

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Covid & Yogi

Yankees legend Yogi Berra passed away in 2015. Amazing clutch Hall of Famer that he was, the great Yankee backstop was almost as well-known as a philosopher — his Berra-isms (colloquial expressions that lack logic) made a special mark. And like most deep thinkers going back through the centuries, his brilliant malapropisms still ring true in today’s challenging COVID world. Here are a few of Yogi’s best … and my thoughts on same:

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High Country Life

Living in the Appalachians is a beautiful thing. I appreciate the appeal of warm-weather locales and big-city bustle and amenities. Having been there, done both, there is something matchlessly special about residing in the mountains and sharing these beautiful surroundings with the folks living in these parts.

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