Way of Life

"Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash"

Leading With Grace & Kindness

When in this country did we come to the crossroads that indicated it was okay to burn someone’s house down if we disagreed with what they said or believed in? There have always been the yin and the yang, the dark and the light. But why have seemingly large segments of our society veered away from engaging in civil discourse, which seemed, not that very long ago, a plausible path for creating harmony or, at the very least, a grudging respect for individuals or groups with opposing views?

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High Country Life

Living in the Appalachians is a beautiful thing. I appreciate the appeal of warm-weather locales and big-city bustle and amenities. Having been there, done both, there is something matchlessly special about residing in the mountains and sharing these beautiful surroundings with the folks living in these parts.

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